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we are the south-west’s premier roofing and cladding contractor

We work directly with construction companies, property groups and architects to design and deliver first-class projects for their clients.

We’ve been a leading commercial supplier of wall and roof cladding since 1988. We have the capability, structure, and tenacity to work on the most ambitious projects.

we’re people who know.

How to combine safety with performance and cutting-edge design.

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How to work seamlessly with you and your other contractors.

let’s get started

How to think outside the box and help you find the solution.

Ultimately, we’re people you can rely on to give an honest answer. Let’s face it – in this industry, that’s as rare as a gold-dipped unicorn.

If you want to work with people who know, work with progressive.

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why choose progressive?

We’re all about quality & safety

There are no shortcuts with us. When it comes to our design, quality of labour and, most importantly, site safety, we work to the highest standard.

We have the edge on design

Our technical design support and up-front advice are what make us stand out. We’re a trusted and experienced design lead – precisely what you need in the early stages of a project.

We make your job easier

We give you the confidence to accurately update your client on progress. We meet your expectations so you can meet your client's expectations.

We’re proactive

Bumps in the road are inevitable, but we won’t just come to you with a problem. We’ll also come to you with a can-do attitude and a solution.

We’re honest

Honesty lies at the heart of our business. If there’s a problem, we’ll instantly flag it with you. No excuses. No flannel. We serve it straight up, so you know exactly where you stand.

We’ll slot right in

We’ll work seamlessly with your other on-site contractors. We want to crack on with the job and deliver a brilliantly finished project just as much as you do.

We come highly recommended

Many of our existing customers have been with us for a long time. We’re their leading cladding supplier and the first one they’ll recommend because they know we deliver.

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Commercial roof and wall cladding experts

We love the big, ambitious projects, but we relish the smaller ones too. From roofing and cladding to coatings and maintenance, check out our full range of services.

Is your future progressive?

We always have one eye on the future. Our apprenticeship scheme creates opportunities for young people to join our sector.

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experience meets innovation

We bring over three decades of experience in safety and design expertise to every project. Whether it’s wall or roof cladding, or specialist coatings, we provide the crowning glory that must stand the test of time.
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our favourite projects

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June 2019

The Range Global Headquarters
Plymouth, Devon

We were asked to take on the flagship Range HQ by a local developer in Plymouth. This building incorporates multiple roofing and wall disciplines creating an excellent aesthetic appearance.

July 2022

Thatchers Cider
Sandford, Somerset

We’ve worked alongside Thatcher’s throughout their expansion, and this is the latest in an extensive line of buildings we have completed at their Sandford site.

May 2015

Cornwall Council Offices
Bodmin, Cornwall

Our whole team, in particular our in-house design team. is proud of this high-quality refurbishment project. Winning awards for its architect, this project is also widely featured in much of Euroclad’s product literature as a showcase project.

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We’re the go-to provider for many of the South West’s construction companies, architects and property groups seeking the highest standards in safety, quality and design.

Here’s why they choose progressive.

“progressive are a personable company, they are flexible, integrate very well with other CDP(s), and a trusted a design lead for when we are at the early stages of a Project’s Frame and Envelope Detailed Design. They have a friendly can-do approach, with a willingness (and preference) to pick up the phone to resolve matters promptly as they arise. They are proactive in their overall culture and are a trusted regional design and delivery supplier within our logistics and distribution division, in returning a standard of work that is always good and not of concern when subject to appointed Independent Inspection(s).”
Pete Harvey, ISg
“We’ve got a good relationship with progressive. We’ve worked with them for many years on many jobs and they’ve always been very helpful. They’re a sub-contractor that’s willing to work with you. They don’t rely on us to tell them what we want them to do, they’ll feed into the process. They’re very knowledgeable, we know them well and we have a personal relationship with their large team. What really makes them stand out is that they’re proactive. They’re professional. Thorough but approachable. They’re helpful. They’re generally very happy to give advice up-front, which is really valuable from our point of view. It’s that willingness to help which is great.”
Andy Field, Grainge Architects
“progressive are my go-to company because of the relationship I have with them. If we’re providing them the room, and the areas that they need to work on, they’re getting it done. progressive is a team I can work with where there’s some flexibility. If there’s an area that isn’t ready, they’re more than willing to jump elsewhere. They can carry out detailed design, ensure we haven’t got any tricky detailing at junctions, taking into consideration other people around them, or that are involved with them. Their approach is professional, with a can-do attitude, and they’re enthusiastic. I just know I’m going to get a clear line of communication and I’m always happy with the end-product.”
Chris Graham, Wilmott Dixon
“progressive are a very dependable organisation. They are both honest and commercially aware. They are also very clear in their communication, which is a big part of our mutually beneficial relationship. Their design support has always made them stand out as one of the few businesses, particularly in the Devon and Cornwall area, that can give that technical design advice up-front. The projects that I’ve been involved in, and progressive have subsequently delivered, have been very, very well finished projects, and the cladding has been a strong part of those projects. From that point of view, they form a part of outstanding delivery for our clients.”
Stuart Broome, Kier
“I would recommend progressive for their reliability. Reliability in design, reliability in the supply of materials, and the quality and consistency of the labour. And their honesty. progressive are good communicators and they’re honest with it. Also, their willingness to make sure it’s right. When there are problems and things are difficult there’s a commitment and a dedication to make sure it’s right. I would recommend progressive to other tier 1’s, because they’ve got the structures within their company, the ability to deliver big projects, and the right people to be able to deliver those projects.”
Site Manager, Willmott Dixon
“The rebuild of our HQ was a hugely significant milestone for us having lost the previous building in a devastating fire. We had the opportunity to create a landmark building to replace it and really improve the older part of Marsh Barton. progressive really supported us with advice to bring our designs to reality as well as achieve an environmentally efficient building. They worked harmoniously with the engineers, structural steel contractors and our team keeping the project on track despite the challenges of covid to deliver an excellent finish. Absolute pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”
Simon Almond, Managing Director, Devon Contract Waste
“In the South-West they’re probably one of the very biggest roofing and cladding contractors. They’re liked by the Contractors, and they win a lot of work by being efficient and economical. And delivering. They make life easier for us. They do good fabrication and construction drawings. They tend to produce the detailed drawings. We’ll do the basics and show them what we want it to look like, but they always produce a good set of drawings off the back of that for our approval, the contractors’ approval, and the client’s approval. If progressive say that they have a better way of doing something, it’s wise for us to listen to them. It’s easier for us and it makes life safer for everybody. They’re always our preferred contractor.”
Andy Field, Grainge Architects