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Gutter coating systems

Metal gutters corrode over time if they aren’t adequately protected from the elements with an effective waterproofing system.

Standing water encourages the growth of moss and other organic matter, which impedes drainage and causes blockages. Ultimately, water can leak back into a building if the gutters aren’t completely waterproofed and maintained.

Our waterproof coating for gutters provides a semi-gloss finish that actively repels water and prevents moss and grasses from taking root. It reduces unwanted build-up and safeguards against premature replacement or potential costly building repairs from leaking gutters.

We can waterproof new and existing gutters already showing signs of corrosion or leakage. Our gutter coating system seamlessly fills any cracks as it adheres to the substrate and dries within a few hours.

For gutters that are designed to last, choose Progressive. Talk to us about our waterproofing solutions for gutters, roofs and more.

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