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Roof & metal cladding refurbishment

Metal cladding is undoubtedly one of the best and most robust materials for commercial and industrial buildings. If properly treated when installed, it will last for decades.

However, as it endures all the variants of the British climate – icy winters, strong winds, plenty of rain and UV damage during hot summers – the cladding will expand and contract. Over the years, it can go from looking chalky and faded to actively corroding if left untreated.

re-clad or renovate?

It could be up to 20 years after installation, but at some point, there will come a time when you’ll need to consider either re-cladding or renovating what’s already there. Refurbishing cladding is generally a more cost-effective choice, providing the existing structure hasn’t deteriorated past the point of refurbishment. Restoring cladding to its former glory can be done quickly and with minimal disruption, and it can extend your cladding’s life by another ten years or so.

refurbish your cladding with progressive

For the best possible finish and quality, it’s wise to get a professional inspection before restoring your cladding. We can assess whether the existing surface will tolerate refurbishment, and we can advise on the best coating system for your cladding type. We use a primer which inhibits the future formation of rust – particularly effective if the coating system has already been damaged by heavy abrasion. We can also recommend whether your cladding, roofing or roof detailing requires further treatment to extend its durability.

cut-edge corrosion treatment

This treatment is a highly cost-effective way of prolonging the life of your roof. Applied directly to corroded lap joints as an external seal, it has high flexibility and can be used on even severely affected areas.

roof light refurbishment

We use a transparent coating system for protecting roof lights and windows from leakages, chemical erosion and UV radiation. Our single-component coating also increases the strength of the substrate and creates a shatter-proof finish for glass and other fragile materials.

Roof & metal cladding refurbishment

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