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Built-Up Roof Systems

Twin skin site-assembled metal roofs have been around since the 1970s and continue to be an excellent roofing solution for commercial structures. The high-performance built-up systems we install offer a premium architectural look and come with a manufacturer guarantee.

how does a built-up roof system work?

We recommend that a built-up system performs best on roof pitches more than 5 degrees. Here’s what goes into it:

  • Two layers of profiled metal sheets are laid with a spacer system and support bar between them, forming a cavity for roof insulation.
  • The inner liner sheet is made from steel or aluminium and is usually solid, but it can be perforated for use within acoustic applications. The underside of the liner, if visible internally, is typically white in colour with a polyester coating.
  • The depth of the spacer brackets is designed to accommodate the required thickness of roof insulation to achieve the specified U value.
  • The outer sheets, usually a deeper profile than the liner, are roll-formed from pre-coated steel or aluminium coil. We offer a variety of colours and textured coatings, including Plastisol, PVDF, HPS200 Ultra, ARS & zinc finishes.
  • Finally, a sealed liner provides an effective vapour control layer on the underside of the roof, reducing air leakage. In-plane roof lights can also be incorporated into the roofing system, totally tailored to the project’s design.

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