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Commercial Built-Up Wall Systems

Twin skin site-assembled wall cladding systems comprise two layers of profiled metal sheeting with a spacer system and support bar in between, forming a cavity for insulation.

Widely used since the 1970s, built-up wall cladding has been the material of choice for retail, commercial, educational & industrial developments due to its cost-effectiveness and speed of installation.

Robust and rigorously tried and tested, built-up metal wall cladding provides superior protection from the elements and optimises internal space.

cost-effective wall cladding from progressive

The inner liner sheet, manufactured from steel or aluminium, comes with a white polyester-coated finish, making it more aesthetically appealing when visible from the inside. Spacer brackets are installed according to the depth of the insulation and the specified U value for the wall.

A sealed liner provides an effective vapour control layer on the internal facia of the wall, reducing air leakage levels and heat loss.

Completing the system, the external metal sheets are roll-formed, pre-coated steel or aluminium coil and come with various finishes. The outer sheets can be installed vertically, horizontally or inclined according to the design, and we are happy to work with your architect or project manager on any technical specifications. We offer Plastisol, Pvf2, ARS and Zinc coatings in a wide range of colours.

Door, window, plant and glazing apertures with robust industry-tested detailing are easily incorporated into the building elevations.

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective, thermally efficient solution – and if your site needs to be made weathertight quickly – speak to the experts. All our internal and external profiles are comprehensively tested and third-party assessed for structural capability.

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