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Commercial gutters and rainwater pipes

A building’s roof drainage system is a critical element of the design development for any project and requires a thorough assessment.

Rainwater intensity rates, as set out within the British Standards and European Codes, are being exceeded on a more frequent basis due to our increasingly unpredictable weather patterns.

Gutters should be designed and installed with appropriate additional capacity to allow for these extreme weather events, and for the fact that building owners don’t always carry out the gutter maintenance that’s advised

high-performance gutter systems from progressive

Our expert design team are able to assist your project’s designers with the most effective gutter, outlet and downpipe configuration required for your structure.

Gutters can be designed and installed insulated or uninsulated, in membrane-lined steel, in aluminium, and positioned in valleys, eaves and boundary walls. Rainwater pipes can be installed in steel, aluminium and uPVC systems.

We can also engage with specialist siphonic design and installation specialists to offer a siphonic roof drainage scheme if required.

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