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Commercial rainscreen cladding

We are approved installers of all leading manufacturers, including Westwood, Triflex, and Bauder. All cold-applied liquid systems installed by us are BBA approved and come with a guarantee.

A rainscreen is an exterior cladding system which sits outboard of the building’s external wall creating an air cavity that helps protect the building’s insulation and weather-resistant layers and allows for continuous ventilation.

With the UK’s wet climate, rainscreens are an excellent investment as they provide efficient water drainage and reduce long-term water damage, potentially extending the structure’s life.

metal rainscreen cladding from progressive

We offer two types of metal rainscreen. Our drained and ventilated rainscreen cladding allows any penetrating moisture to drain or evaporate to the outside atmosphere. And our pressure equalised rainscreen cladding allows air movement between the system’s internal and external layers.

Our metal rainscreens come in thin, pre-fabricated panels made from various materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, pre-coated steel, zinc and copper. They can also be manufactured from metal composite materials (MCM), which consist of two skins of metal fixed to either side of a lightweight or mineral core.

With a huge range of coatings, textures, colours, geometric and other patterns to choose from, architects are spoilt for choice on the finish of the building. Whatever look you wish to create, there is almost certainly a rainscreen system available to match your vision. The design possibilities are endless.

natural rainscreen cladding from progressive

Natural facades such as slate, granite, basalt, limestone, tiles or brick provide an alternative to metal rainscreens. Timber rainscreens are another sustainable option and offer a finish that weathers beautifully over time. A broad range of timber species can be used, including cedar, larch and many more. Specialist timber treatments are available to enhance the performance of the façade and to achieve mandatory compliance.

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