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Composite Roof Systems

Composite roof panels are ideal for new build and refurbishment projects. They come pre-assembled and comprise three layers. Two steel or aluminium outer sheets create a sandwich around a rigid insulation core, reducing internal noise and making the finished product highly thermally efficient and low maintenance.

Composite roofing is also ideal for minimising heat loss. When it comes to thermal performance, composite panels lead the way. Not only do they keep your building warm, but they also reduce your business’ carbon footprint and play a part in mitigating the rising cost of energy.

the benefits of our composite roof systems

  • Quicker and easier to install than built-up systems, we install composite roofing in a single pass – particularly beneficial when you need to get the site weathertight fast.
  • Composite panels generally provide a shallower roof build up due to the enhanced thermal efficiency of the PIR & Rockwool insulation cores.
  • We can also incorporate in-plane roof lights according to your design.
  • The range of trapezoidal and standing seam composite roof sheets we offer are tested and certified to meet the latest building regulations for structural and thermal performance.
  • Our composite roofing systems come with a manufacturer guarantee.

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