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Domestic Bespoke Balcony & Terrace Finishes

Balconies and terraces are a great way to maximise your living space and bring the outside into your home.

They also have the potential to increase the value of your property, provided they’re well-designed, properly constructed and finished to a high specification. Getting your balcony or terrace flooring right is essential to ensure it’s safe and long-lasting.

At progressive, our expertise extends to bespoke balcony and terrace finishes. We offer an array of colours, anti-slip and tile effect finishes, and waterproofing layers for buried or inverted areas.

Liquid resins are an excellent choice for renovating a balcony or terrace floor. They have a low build height of around 5mm, so the floor level won’t dramatically increase, and they adhere to many types of material, including concrete, metal, screed, or timber.

Our vast array of colours, surface toppings and shapes allow for almost limitless design options for balcony and terrace flooring. Looking for a specific ceramic tile effect or a personalised logo as part of the finish? No problem. We can create and install it for you, and as well as looking great, we can ensure it features the essential non-slip properties.

As part of our service, we offer free surveys and core sampling to determine the condition of the existing structure.

Planning a balcony or terrace project? Contact us to find out more and book your free survey.