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Fall Protection Systems, South West

Fall protection systems allow operatives to work safely on roofs, inclines and hard-to-access areas. Compatible with a broad range of roof types – from built-up to standing seam and composite – we can advise on whether your building requires a fall protection system.

A permanent fall protection system may not be needed when there is no plant, no PV cells, and no reason to gain access to the roof annually for repair or maintenance. However, during construction or refurbishment, a temporary system may be required.

Working to the current standards through our valued supply chain, we partner with industry-accredited fall protection specialists to develop and propose fall arrest or fall restraint systems. We also provide free-standing guardrails designed not to penetrate the roof membrane, and walkways offering a safe, anti-slip walking surface.

Your fall protection system will need testing on an annual basis, and operatives must be fully trained in how to use it. You’ll also need to ensure rescue plans and equipment are in place should an operative fall while attached to the system.

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