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Green roof installation by Progressive

Green roofs have been a firm fixture in south east Asian and European cities for many years now, and the trend for green roofing has spread to the UK, with demand from clients and developers rapidly increasing year on year.

the benefits of a green roof

Green or living roofs, as they’re otherwise known, can be created on flat or pitched roofs by installing perennial plants on top of a waterproof membrane. The area can be partially or fully covered with vegetation, providing a wealth of benefits.

  • Reduced energy consumption
    The extra layer of insulation the vegetation provides absorbs and reflects sunlight and reduces the energy used.
  • Noise reduction
    Green or living roofs absorb sound, so you can expect a quieter environment inside or outside the building.
  • Stormwater reduction
    Compared with traditional roofing, green roofs reduce the volume of rainwater run-off, lessening the potential for localised flooding and minimising the knock-on effect on sewer systems.
  • A step forward in sustainability
    Green roofs create a habitat for wildlife, filter toxic particles from the air, and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Green ticks for planning & BREEAM
    With the ever-increasing focus on sustainability, planning officers are more commonly specifying green roofs as a condition of planning permission. They can also contribute towards BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) credits.

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Create your green roof with progressive

Sedum plants, featuring succulent leaves and stems, can withstand harsh roof environments making them ideal for large green roof finishes.

Log piles, sand, and shingle, placed at various depths, are often used on living roofs to allow micro-habitats to form, and wildflower roofs are also a popular choice. We offer a variety of plant depths and types of substrate, and we’ll carefully plan every element with you to ensure your green roof will flourish.

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