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Specialist waterproofing & coating solutions

Our years of experience in waterproofing cladding and roofs have led us to become experts in the industry.

We’ve helped clients waterproof, coat, and repair surfaces on numerous special projects, including wind turbines, water treatment facilities, public monuments, plant rooms and more. Our expertise and innovative thinking mean we can tailor our specifically engineered solutions to suit your needs, whatever the project.

Our solutions are:

  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Fast-curing
  • Cold-liquid applied, so no fire risk
  • Compatible with most substrates
  • Officially tested & certified.

coatings for onshore and offshore wind turbines

Both onshore and offshore wind turbines require specialist treatment to counteract the effects of the harsh environmental conditions they’re subjected to throughout their life span.

Leading edge erosion on the front section of a wind turbine blade is commonplace and ultimately costly. Our bespoke wind turbine coating system is a specially developed solution design to waterproof the tower, foundation, joints, flanges, nacelles and other specific areas, including the blade root, increasing the structure’s strength, reliability and durability.

specialist solutions for pothole repairs and more

Asphalt and bitumen car park surfaces suffer wear and tear from heavy traffic, freeze-thaw, oxidation issues and water ponding. Our cold-applied liquid systems can re-surface and extend the life and durability of the area, eliminating the need for costly full-depth removal and replacement.

If you have a unique project that requires coating waterproofing or repair, speak to the experts at progressive.