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Waterproof surfaces for walkways and stairs

The surfaces in these environments need to be incredibly hard-wearing and water resistant to keep them safe and usable year after year.

External stairs and stairwells are constantly exposed to the elements and high foot traffic, making them vulnerable to corrosion, water penetration and general wear and tear.

Here at progressive, we provide cold liquid systems for walkways and stairs, with highly durable tread materials and resin-based edge nosings. This combination ensures the structure is watertight, UV-stable and protected from the moment the resin dries.

Cold liquid waterproofing requires no heating equipment during the application, eliminating fire risks. It’s also ultra-fast curing and seamless once set, which means it can be applied with minimal disruption to users. The new surface can be walked on within hours of installation.

Create durable, watertight walkways and stairs with cold liquid systems from progressive.

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