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Waterproofing roof penetrations

Thanks to the technological advances in liquid waterproofing, it’s easier than ever to ensure the integrity of a structure, be it a roof, stairs, terrace, bridge, gutter and more.

The weak points of every roof’s waterproofing are the joints, penetrations or detailing. Liquid resins can completely cover joins in the surface for mechanical and electrical services, making them watertight and resistant to root growth. Liquid-applied systems can also cope with high levels of thermal expansion and contraction – surface cracks in cold winters or hot summers are a thing of the past.

weather-tight roofing with progressive

We are approved installers of all leading manufacturers of liquid roofing systems, including Westwood, Triflex, and Bauder. All of our work is BBA approved and comes with a guarantee.

We specialise in the application of cold-applied liquid systems, which are perfectly designed for seamlessly waterproofing and protecting roof upstands, kerbs and details. The quick-to-apply liquid resin forms a solid bond to almost any existing surface, including plastic roofing sheets and bitumen, and it is self-terminating, eliminating the need for termination bars.

Find a permanent waterproofing solution with progressive.

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