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zinc alternative wall systems

If you’re looking for an alternative to zinc walls, our roll-formed, pre-coated steel or aluminium solutions come with the appearance of a standing seam system but at a fraction of the cost.

Sourced from our trusted suppliers, the Vieo and Urban wall systems are interlocking long-strip standing seam sheets with a flat pan and 27mm deep seams. The sheets are seamed onto halters which are fixed to the wall system with fully concealed fasteners.

the benefits of our zinc alternative wall systems

  • Achieve striking design and sophisticated elevations on a wide range of building applications
  • Significantly more cost-effective than traditional zinc walls
  • Steel coatings include HPS200 Ultra, PVDF, Colorcoat LG & Colorcoat Prisma
  • Aluminium coatings include ARS, PVDF, Organic Patina & Vieozinc
  • The manufacturing process is faster, and our zinc alternatives are quick and easy to install
  • All of our wall systems come with a manufacturer guarantee.

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